Intranet career path discussion (part 2)

So this morning I had a chat with someone in the digital workplace arena about careers and jobs. Mainly because I am looking for a new role. The present role I am in is not a great fit with my career aspirations and the company I am working for (Rabobank) recently announced a restructure which would result in job losses. For some time now I’ve been thinking it was time for a new challenge and so I am discussing with people thoughts and ideas. I really enjoy it, everyone has a career journey, they are all different, but the stories help refine my own thinking. If you’re one of the people I’ve spoken to, I am grateful. If you’d be interested in discussion your own intranet career path, I’d be glad to chat.

Today we discussed consultancy and the future of work. If I am honest I don’t think I have hardcore consultancy skills. But then I am not 100% what they are. I guess I have the image of highly paid experts with huge knowledge who offer incredible solutions. Yet most consultants I know are just good listeners, problem solvers and solution orientated. They listen, ask the right questions and share their knowledge. That doesn’t sound too difficult. It’s perhaps the fact you have to sell yourself to clients and personal PR is not a strong point. I realise of course, that over the years I have provided consultancy internally, so perhaps that is something I could develop further. One possible experiment is to work on this in the coming months to test out what is possible. So if you fancy some intranet insights – let me know.

It was good to hear how other companies work and a different culture, which appeals. It also made we realise I need to have a much clearer vision of where I want to go and what clue I think I can add. At the moment I am distracted by the specifics of my organisation or too many possible options. Thankfully that is exactly what the coaching sessions I am having are working on.

The other area we discussed was the future of work. I see a future of smaller companies with less staff overheads. Where they will be looking to get in expertise to help specific projects and challenges. It makes business sense and fits well with the outsourcing and ‘gig’ economy. So I want to position myself to make the most of this. That probably means changing me relationship with the 9 to 5 world yet still ensuring I can make my mortgage payments. Any ideas on that one, let me know.

Anyway, it was a good discussion. It helped me realise where I am on the path, what I need to clarify and what themes keep cropping up and like all good discussions, I kept reflecting on it throughout the day.

I also got a book recommendation, which is always good. It’s already on my Amazon wish list. Super Secret Successful Executive Search.

So, this was a timely chat as later in the day I had an appointment with my coach. That is another blog post for later.

About Dan Leonard

Based in the Netherlands, I've been working on intranets and digital workplaces for over 12 years. Mainly in financial services for Learning & Development, HR and Corporate Communication functions. I am interested in the skills required by Intranet Managers and Digital Workplace Leaders now and in the future.


  1. Sam, thanks for the comment. It would be good to catch up in Utrecht and talk intranet careers. Thanks for the book recommendation as well – I’m in the process of redesigning my study and think I’m going to need a bigger bookshelf.

  2. Hi Dan
    Having gone through a similar thought process when I set up ClearBox I’m happy to share my experience with you. If you’re at Congres Intranet in Utrecht perhaps we could chat then?

    Meanwhile, recommend Martin White’s new book on consulting “Managing Expectations” (due out 1st March). Although written for clients, it gives good insight into the consulting perspective.

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