Would you study to become an intranet manager?

Do you have a formal intranet management qualification? I am guessing not. Like many you probably made your way into intranet management indirectly. Perhaps you ‘fell’ into it? Or it was natural progression from your earlier roles. With the recent release of the UK GCSE and A’level results (well done btw to all of you […]

Networking for introverted Intranet Managers

We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all. The breakfast club @wedge recently tweeted a list of UK conferences for intranet folks. Great, conferences are awesome and always an opportunity to network right? Well, er, yeah. Except I am an introvert. My idea of hell is a ‘networking […]

Are you an intranet Premier League star player?

As the football season in the UK kicks off we once again begin to hear talk of team work, star players and #winning. Which new signings will flourish, which will flounder and which players will find a new lease of life in their team? How does this relate to intranet managers?¬†We might not be as […]