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Following others who are using PKM and are sharing their thoughts on PKM and their routines, I thought I should share mine.

Disclaimer: This is very much a work in progress and I share it here so you can provide any thoughts and feedback. Actually, the process of reviewing and writing this down is the main purpose for writing this blog. If you find it useful, all the better.


I mainly use Twitter and follow a variety of intranet, digital workplace, knowledge management and new ways of working experts. Flipboard is used for more news traffic, though I think I need to edit my Flipboard/twitter feeds as there is some overlap which feels redundant. I also scan LinkedIn, but to be honest I don’t like the platform. Articles or items which resonate are either read there if time allows, or saved to my reading list for reading later. At this time I am still seeking a regular appropriate time in the agenda to review and do this reading. I kinda miss my 1.5 hour commute I used to have as I can’t read for the 10 minutes it takes to cycle to work now.

As mentioned above I am trying to find a routine for the sense making process to happen. Articles which I feel have really value after reading them are shared to Pocket (I am not sure if this is an extra step which I can remove later), where I usually tag them according to my personal tagging list. This is a basic list of terms I used to tag like content. Using IFTTT all items starred in Pocket are then automatically sent to Delicious for public bookmarking. This I hope will improve retrieval at a later date.

For now I am also focusing on editing my feeds to get the maximum mix of focus on my areas of interest and serendipity. I am quite happy with the balance at the moment and there seems to be a happy mix of the topics and conversations which fascinate me and which I feel I can contribute to. In the future, if I can carve enough time out of the diary (read: basically sell my TV) then I’d like to spend more time on this and so generate content for this blog.

This blog is the main archive for ‘stuff I have written’. Delicious, is where other articles are stored and Twitter (and Linkedin) are the 2 main channels I share relevant content.¬†Although I also use some internal channels at work where appropriate, but this is no more really than duplicating what I do externally as I cannot manage this content if I leave the organisation. Part of the Share piece is also looking to connect with the wider Intranet/Digital Workplace community and this is something I am looking at actively at the moment. I feel that a more targeted approach to sharing content will be better in the long term.

Thoughts so far?
Well its early days and I am just beginning, but this seems to work. Like Getting Things Done, I see it as a personal process / which needs developing. Forming the habit of continual editing and setting out time to make sense still needs work, but I think this will come with time. It seems to fit and I like systems which seem easy, but as you explore them you understand the subtleties and complexities which make the system so great.

Finally, a big thanks for Harold Jarche, whose approach and course has helped begin to master my digital knowledge management.

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Based in the Netherlands, I've been working on intranets and digital workplaces for over 12 years. Mainly in financial services for Learning & Development, HR and Corporate Communication functions. I am interested in the skills required by Intranet Managers and Digital Workplace Leaders now and in the future.

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